Sky Private Eye and her faithful dog Snuffle are back with a new Fairytale Adventure: Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Sparkly Slipper! Help Sky Private Eye and Snuffle solve this latest mystery featuring a very special Cinderella and her Nasty Sisters!

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Today is an EXTRA special day because not only is it World Book Day (gasp!) but it is also publication day for the new Sky Private Eye book! So why not pull out your TriOculars and see if you can detect Sky Private Eye and The Case of the Sparkly Slipper in your local bookshop!

The latest book in the series sees Sky Private Eye investigate her trickiest case yet. The winner of the Prince’s Best Costume Competition has vanished and all she has left behind is a sparkly slipper. Can Sky Private Eye find the mystery winner? Follow Sky Private Eye on her journey through Fairytale Town as she interviews possible witnesses and suspects – all in fancy dress, of course! Can you see past the disguises and figure out who’s who? Wait, is that Jack dressed as a beanstalk?!

©Five Quills 2018

No detective story is complete without a yummy cupcake recipe, so when you are finished reading, grab a grown-up and start baking your very own Sky Private Eye’s Chocolate Cupcakes! Don’t forget to also get your grown-up to take pictures and tag us on Instagram @fivequillsforkids and Twitter @5quills_kids. We love seeing your creations at Five Quills HQ!

The Sky Private Eye series is perfect for curious and inquisitive young readers. Find her latest adventure Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Sparkly Slipper by Jane Clarke and illustrated by Loretta Schauer in your local bookshop or on our website.

The Five Quills Team

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