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Fun, dynamic characters created by top authors and illustrators empower children to build their reading confidence, learn about the world and enjoy exciting new adventures between the covers of every book we publish.

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Beaver’s Big Adventure: A Journey Home (October 2019)

by Magnus Weightman

Beaver has big dreams! One day he makes himself a sturdy boat and sets off on an epic adventure to explore the world. Down the river and over rapids he goes, until he’s far, far from home. How will he get back? Akita the dog offers to help him find his way. Young explorers will love visiting all kinds of fascinating animal houses from around the world in this stunning picture book.

© Magnus Weightman 2019
© Magnus Weightman 2019

The Truth About Dinosaurs

by Guido van Genechten

What do chickens and dinosaurs have in common? Open this book and find out! Almost everyone thinks that dinosaurs are extinct. Is that true? What if you were to find out that they’re still alive, and even living among us. Meet an ordinary chicken whose family photo album reveals the long withheld truth in this incredible but true story about dinosaurs.

Reviews for the series:

  • Featured on the Summer Reading Challenge 2019 & 2018
  • “This story is packed with scientific facts.”   The School Librarian
  • “Be prepared to laugh out loud.”  The Lancashire Post
  • “This is an excellent way of bringing science into the home.”  North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award

An Exciting Young Fiction Series

by Jane Clarke & Illustrated by James Brown

Al’s Awesome Science is perfect for children who are becoming confident readers and want to progress to  chapter books. A fun and hilarious page turning plot, accompanied by lots of black and white pictures to pore over and enjoy. Each title includes, fun and at times messy, step-by-step science experiments, integrated in comic book form to accompany the text.

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Al’s Awesome Science Series

By Jane Clarke and Illustrated by James Brown

Book 4: Busy Bodies!

Al is researching the effects of travelling in a time machine on his body. Trouble is, it is hard to experiment without any mess…especially when the Goods’ cat Precious is in the same house as Al’s naughty dog Einstein.

A Summer Reading Challenge Title 2019

Al’s Awesome Science Series

By Jane Clarke and Illustrated by James Brown

Book 3: Blast Off!

It’s the twins’ birthday and Al is researching new ways to blast off his time-machine capsule into Space. Trouble is, his experiments with balloons, marshmallow catapults and bottle rockets are just a little bit MESSY! Soon, the birthday party has taken on a rather explosive twist . . . and trouble is brewing with Al’s nosy neighbours.

Can they finish before Mum finds out?

Al’s Awesome Science Series

By Jane Clarke and Illustrated by James Brown

Book 2: Splash Down!

Al is experimenting to find out what kind of covering his time-machine capsule will need to survive its SPLASH DOWN! back to earth. Unfortunately, water experiments have a habit of making things very wet…especially when they involve an overheated dog, the neighbour’s knickers and Mum’s bucket!

Can they finish the experiment before Mum finds out?

Al’s Awesome Science Series

By Jane Clarke and Illustrated by James Brown

Book 1: Egg-speriments!

Al is experimenting to find the best shape for his time machine capsule. So when Al, Lottie and their very naughty dog Einstein experiment with all the eggs in the fridge (meant for dinner), they end up in a very sticky situation with the neighbours.

Can they finish the experiment before Mum finds out?

A Fun-Filled Picture Book Detective Series!

Sky Private Eye: Fairy Tales with a Detective Twist

When there’s a fairytale emergency, Sky Private Eye can solve the trickiest mystery. With her cool detective gadgets and Bake it Better recipe book, Sky can outwit the baddies in no time at all! Follow Sky Private Eye on her many fairytale adventures with Little Red Riding Hood, the Runaway Biscuit and Cinderella. Each book contains a yummy fairytale cupcake recipe.

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