YES birds do use birdbaths!

Birds will use birdbaths every day to drink, remove tiny parasites and keep their feathers clean. Dampening their feathers loosens the dirt and makes preening easier. When birds preen they carefully rearrange their feathers and spread oil from the preen gland. Preening makes the feathers waterproof and traps an insulating layer of air underneath their feathers to keep birds warm.


Can I make a birdbath for my garden?


Lottie making her birdbath. © Five Quills 2021 from Lottie Loves Nature: Bird Alert

Yes! Lottie shares her tips on how to make a birdbath.

  1. Take a shallow dish (preferably terracotta) and glue it with waterproof glue to an upside down terracotta flowerpot.
  2. Top it up regularly with fresh water and keep it clean!
  3. Place some pebbles and small stones near the edge so insects and small creatures can get in and out easily.
  4. Place the birdbath in a shady spot so the water doesn’t become too hot in the sun.
  5. In winter months remember to remove any ice so birds can still access the water.

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