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“I’m never going to Mars. I’m staying on Earth and helping all the wonderful wildlife and plants here,” Lottie told him. “If we don’t do something to help them now, our planet will have even more problems in the future.” -From “Lottie Loves Nature: Frog Frenzy” by Jane Clarke and illustrated by James Brown.

Make a womery with Lottie Loves Nature

The Red Reading Hub

“In a cleverly and carefully constructed story so that youngsters learn a lot about the natural world as they read, Jane and James include a wealth of information (verbal and visual) via such scrapbook pages, activities and experiments about such things as ants, worms, the frog life cycle and other froggy facts, hydroponics, potential pond residents and visitors, and creating a wormery.” Read full review    

The Reading Zone

“I loved how the story had a fiction and non-fiction element to it… I thought this was a brilliant idea and really fun and engaging for children, especially for those who are not so keen on non-fiction reading. I liked that some of the non-fiction pages were taken from Lottie’s nature notebook and looked as if she has written them herself. The story is fast paced and has lots of action within it. The illustrations are brilliant and using them also within the non-fiction elements is really lovely. There is a clear message throughout, on encouraging children to look after the planet and giving them easy ways of doing their bit, as well as using Noah to talk about the future and what science is doing to help. I would definitely recommend this book to children in my class and will use it within science lessons myself!” Read full review  

My Shelves are Full

“This series is perfect for budding nature detective, environmentalists and conservationists. It has brilliant fact files, ideas how to create homes and safe places for garden wildlife as well as helpful tips to help save the planet. The illustrations are delightful, a great blend of scientific diagrams and the storyline.” Read full review  

North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award

“This humorous and lively story sets the scene for plenty of learning about the joys of nature. Dotted throughout the story are pages from Lottie’s notebook, crammed full of fascinating facts and things to do. Lottie shows how she made a wormery and how she created her pond, both perfect projects for a young explorer to try in their own back garden or at school, using readily available materials. Schools could easily use this book as the basis for encouraging children to work scientifically and enabling pupils to experience and observe ants or worms or frogs, by looking more closely at the world around them. The story encourages curiosity about the natural world and learning through first hand experience- creating the wildlife experts of the future!” Read full review  

Make a womery with Lottie Loves Nature
Make a womery with Lottie Loves Nature

The Book Activist 

“The first in this eco-adventure series features Lottie, along with her pet parrot, Nacho and her dog, Einstein, stopping her neighbour from getting rid of all the ants in his garden and rescuing the frogs as he’s turned the pond into a putting green! A fun narrative is interwoven with fascinating facts, lively illustrations and great nature projects for budding young conservationists aged 7+ to do at home. Lottie Loves Nature is a brilliant way to encourage children to be more aware of the natural world and start to make a difference right on their own doorstep!” Read full review  

Books for Topics

“Lottie Loves Nature is the first in a new early reader series from well-known author Jane Clarke, with a focus on engaging children with the natural world. The highly-illustrated series is well pitched for 6-8 year olds and it combines fun stories with science fact to encourage children to engage with and help to look after the wildlife on their doorsteps. Lottie is an endearing young girl who is passionate about wildlife. She will introduce readers to fascinating facts and easy wildlife projects they can try at home throughout these funny stories about life with her science-mad brother and clumsy dog, Einstein. Scrapbook pages and lively black and white illustrations feature throughout.”

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Make a mini pond with Lottie Loves Nature

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