Beaver’s Big Adventure, by Magnus Weightman, is a book to be read again and again, with lots of detailed pictures which are just delightful!- North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award

© Magnus Weightman 2019

Beaver has big dreams! One day he makes himself a sturdy boat and sets off on a big adventure to explore the world. Down the river and over rapids he goes, until he he’s far, far from home. How will he get back? Akita the dog offers to help him find his way. But what does Beaver’s home look like? Does he live in a nest, hanging in a tree? Or in a hiding place at the bottom of the sea? Beaver and Akita fly off in an exciting hot-air balloon ride around the world until at last, they find their way to that special place – home.

© Magnus Weightman 2019

Young explorers will love visiting all kinds of fascinating animal homes from around the world in this stunning picture book, from underground houses to icy dens, treetop homes to hidden nests. The colourful cut-away illustrations are full of details to spot and feature appealing animal families on every page.

The book includes a world map showing Beaver’s route around the globe, with facts about how each animal makes its home. A lovely story to share and the perfect starting point for discussion about animals and the environment.

Releasing October 2019

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