Al's Awesome Science - Egg-Speriments
Al's Awesome Science - Splash Down
Al's Awesome Science - Blast Off
Al's Awesome Science - Busy Bodies

Al’s Awesome Science

An Exciting Science-Based Adventure Series by Jane Clarke & Illustrated by James Brown

Ages 6-9

Energetic twins Al and Lottie are always one step away from TROUBLE…

Al loves science and this time he is intent on inventing a time machine to travel back in time to see his father. A time machine would also be really useful to get him out of trouble! A young scientist who never gives up, Al is surprised to find that his experiments often have the most unexpected (and MESSY) consequences.

Fun, laugh-out-loud young fiction stories with extra facts and step-by-step science experiments that provide an irresistible draw for young readers to try real science at home.

Collect all four titles in the Al’s Awesome Science Series.

Why Read Al’s Awesome Science?

  • Hilarious page-turning young fiction stories with lots of black and white pictures to enjoy.
  • Fun and accessible Science Experiments that kids can do at home.
  • Includes Al’s step-by-step science experiments complete with findings.
  • Child-centred plots that deal with everyday issues such as family, friends, teamwork, school.
  • Written by best selling author Jane Clarke

View our Al’s Awesome Science Exciting Activity Pages.

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