Half Term Fun with Five Quills

Staying at home this half term doesn’t have to mean the TV and tablets go on; there are lots of ways to entertain your kids and bring in some teachable moments. Here are a few fun ideas to keep young minds active and happy.

First up, get your kids baking!

Baking is a brilliant way to bring in some maths practice. In the Sky Private Eye picture book series by Jane Clarke and illustrated by Loretta Schauer, Sky is not only a fabulous detective but also a brilliant baker. She has two child-friendly cupcake recipes for you to try at home. Get your little bakers ready with aprons and oven mitts. You might also need a stool to help your child reach the counter.

Wolfie from Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Missing Grandma. ©Five Quills 2017

Sky’s Vanilla Cupcakes are an all-round winner. Sorting and measuring all the ingredients with your kids before you start mixing is a great way to introduce some simple maths and counting skills. This recipe is from the first book in the series, Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Missing Grandma. It’s a race against time to find out if Wolfie, the Big Bad Wolf, is up to his tricks again and save the day with the help of some cupcakes. With just eight ingredients you’ll hopefully already have in the cupboard and fridge, plus a vanilla frosting you can adorn with chocolate drops and sprinkles, little bakers will be very happy.

The Gingerbread Boy from Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit. ©Five Quills 2017

The Gingerbread Boy from Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit. ©Five Quills 2017

Sky’s Gingerbread Cupcakes are another delicious choice with ginger, cinnamon and a cream cheese frosting. They’re inspired by the second book in the series, Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit. The Gingerbread Boy needs a helping hand to escape Foxy Loxy and make the Fairytale Olympics. If you need to up-scale the quantities, perhaps for a party, little bakers can help and practice their multiplication skills!

Whilst the cupcakes are in the oven you can turn your little bakers into little scientists and bring in some fun physics (yes really!), this time inspired by the enthusiastic Al from Al’s Awesome Science adventure chapter-book series by Jane Clarke, and illustrated by James Brown. In the first book, Eggs-speriments! Al is experimenting to find the best shape for his time machine capsule, with the help of his equally energetic twin sister, Lottie. Here is one of his experiments to try at home.

Next, get your kids eggs-sperimenting!

Al and Lottie walking on eggs from Al's Awesome Science ©Five Quills

Al and Lottie walking on eggs from Al’s Awesome Science ©Five Quills 2017

In Al’s Walking on Eggs-speriment little scientists will learn that egg-shaped objects are one of the strongest shapes in nature and can withstand great force! This is a good one for happy-to-be-scrambled eggs on an easy to clean floor.

You will need two boxes of six eggs, some books – recipe books are great – and some clean, bare little feet. Now, this could get messy, but not as much as you might think! One little scientist should start with gently putting one foot on each open box of eggs; they might be surprised to see what happens. See more below and if their results are the same as Al and Lottie’s on the activity sheet.

You can find both Sky’s recipes and Al’s experiment on the Activities page along with more ideas for fun this half term. Share your cupcake creations (before they’re all gobbled up) and Eggs-speriments with us so we can give you a virtual high five!

Happy baking and eggs-sperimenting.

Walking on Egg Experiments extract from Al’s Awesome Science ©Five Quills 2017













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