We are thrilled to introduce Lottie Boffin, heroine of our brand new eco-adventure series, Lottie Loves Nature by Jane Clarke and illustrated by James Brown (October 2020).  Lottie is on a mission, she wants to save the planet one creature at a time, starting directly in her back garden, because every little thing matters.

Lottie loves wildlife and dreams of becoming a nature show presenter just like Samira Breeze host of her favourite program, ‘Every Little Thing’. Lottie really enjoys working on her nature notes. The children with the best nature notes will win a place on Samira’s Annual Wildlife Adventure Show.

Lottie decides to make a mini-pond in her back garden to encourage local wildlife. She enlists her tech-loving friend and neighbour Noah to help. Noah wants to be an astronaut and dreams of living on Mars one day. They begin to dig a small hole in Lottie’s garden, but are distracted by Mr. Parfitt, Noah’s neat-freak,golf-mad father, who wants to rid his garden of all the ants and hopping frogs!

Lottie and Noah quickly run to rescue the animals, but suddenly Mr. Parfitt’s golfing green is swarming with ants and  a multitude of leaping frogs!! Will they manage to save the ants and frogs in time, and guide them to Lottie’s new mini-pond? This fun-filled eco-adventure series is bursting with exciting hands-on activities for emerging readers and nature lovers.


Series Highlights

Eco-adventure series

Lottie Loves Nature: Frog Frenzy. Five Quills.

Action-packed and funny stories filled with black & white illustrations, perfect for those becoming confident readers and wanting to progress to chapter books.


eco-adventure series

Make a mini-pond with Lottie.




Lottie’s scrapbook pages are bursting with cool insect facts and tips on how to help the environment and wildlife in you back garden or neighbourhood.


eco-adventure series

Noah’s tech notes; Future Robot Helpers

Noah’s Next Level notes show exciting insights about future innovations and life on Mars.

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