Summer Reading Challenge

We are thrilled to have three of our books included in this year’s Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge selection. Due to the present COVID-19 social distancing measures, this year’s Summer Reading Challenge will take place on an exciting online platform. Here young readers will be able to register, see all the titles in the competition, keep track of the books they are reading and vote for their most loved titles. Furthermore the Summer Reading Challenge website is filled with activities to do at home and wonderful videos featuring your favourite authors and illustrators.

Here are our SILLY SQUAD titles, with information about the authors, activity pages, videos and links to the Summer Reading Challenge online platform.

Al’s Awesome Science: Busy Bodies by Jane Clarke and illustrated by James Brown

Al is researching the effects of time travelling in a time machine on his body. Trouble is, it’s hard to experiment without any mess…especially when the Goods’ cat Precious is in the same house as Al’s naughty dog Einstein.

Filled with fun science experiments!

SCIENCE HOOK: Experiments about digestion, nutrition, facts about the body, balance and Space travel.

Ideal for young readers ages 6-9.

Find out more about Jane Clarke

Find out more about James Brown

Download experiments to do at home!.

Bug Belly: Babysitting Trouble by Paul Morton.

It’s Uncle Bug Belly’s turn to babysit! The taddies and froglets in Top Pond can count on him for lots of Froggy Fun…But when Uncle Bug Belly’s tummy goes URGLE-GURGLE-GLUMP! everyone knows that spells one thing – TROUBLE!

Will Uncle Bug Belly’s penchant for tasty snacks lead him and the taddies astray, straight into the hungry jaws of Old Pike, Heron or Sneaky Snake? Luckily, nobody in Top Pond has more ingenious plans than this Top Frog.

Find out more about Paul

Loads of froggy fun activities.

Paul Morton’s website

The Truth About Dinosaurs by Guido Van Genechten

What do chickens and dinosaurs have in common? Open this book and find out! Almost everyone thinks that dinosaurs are extinct. Is that true? What if you were to find out that they’re still alive, and even living among us. Meet an ordinary chicken whose family photo album reveals the long withheld truth in this incredible but true story about dinosaurs.

Find out more about Guido Van Genechten

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