Al's Awesome Science - Busy Bodies

Jane Clarke tells FCBG readers the story and science behind the Al’s Awesome Science series.

“Al’s Awesome Science is a young fiction series written by Jane Clarke and illustrated by James Brown. The series follows science-mad twins Al and Lottie as they plan to build a time machine and test out various scientific theories to develop their design and prepare for space travel. The chapter books, ideal for children who are becoming more confident readers, combine exciting fictional stories with practical science information and fun, messy experiments that can easily be recreated at home. Busy Bodies!, the fourth title in the series, is published this month and Splash Down! (the second titles in the series) is currently one of only four middle grade titles shortlisted for the inaugural STEAM prize. Here, author Jane Clarke tells us more about how she has woven fact and fiction together, how the stories explore ideas of travel, and her personal journey while writing the books. ” FCBG Blog, posted May 9, 2019

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