Sky Private Eye and Al’s Awesome Science receive five stars from Toppsta reviewers!

Toppsta reviewers give Five Quills children’s books Sky Private Eye and Al’s Awesome Science five stars.  Their reviewers include children, parents, teachers and a variety of family members.

What have Toppsta readers said about our books? 

 Five Star reviews for Al’s Awesome Science: Splashdown! 

“Great book for getting kids interested in science. Lots of drawings to try and follow the experiments. Going to get my mum to try some at the weekend.” -Reviewer Aged 9

“Both my girls 6 & 3 liked this book a lot. The eldest found it easy to read and loved the sketches, I’ve been asked a number of times since reading it if we can do some of the experiments! We will be trying some in the next school holidays.” -Reviewer, Mum read to children aged 3 & 6.

“This book is a great way to inspire children to think about science in a fun way. The book contains some fun sketchy style illustrations and the book is broken up with some fun science experiments that can be easily replicated at home with help.” -Reviewer, Mum read to children aged 5 & 7




Five Star Reviews for Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Missing Grandma

“My niece absolutely loved this book ..she especially enjoyed the cupcakes. She made me read it to her several times. This is a fab book and I would highly recommend it to anybody who’s children love going on adventures.” – Reviewer, Aunt read to niece aged 4

“My class really enjoyed this book. They were excited to see Little Red Riding Hood taking on a different role and trying to save Grandma! I will look out for other stories in the series they are great! “ – Reviewer, Primary School Teacher read to classes aged 4 & 6

Five  Star Reviews for Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit

“A story full of cupcakes, fairy tales and a detective. This story has a very different twist to gingerbread man, in this case with a happy ending, where the gingerbread boy wants to run the olympics and he manages to do that after sky, the detective, gives cupcakes to the fox and they get covered when the rain comes.” -Reviewer, Mum read to son aged 3

“The first thing to comment on with this book are the beautiful illustrations which really bring the story to life. My 2 year old daughter was pointing things out and really engaged with the images as I read to her. The story is positive and upbeat and can easily be read as a bedtime story as it’s short enough but has enough content to make for a lovely part of the bedtime routine. My daughter loves this and we’ve already read it twice in just a few days! ” -Reviewer, Mum read to daughter aged 2

“The Gingerbread Man is one of my little one’s favourite fairy tales so this book was a big successful in our house. It has the familiar story but told in a new way. Sky Private Eye is enlisted to help find the Gingerbread Man after he goes missing and she uses her investigative skills to find him.” – Reviewer, Mum read to daughter aged 3

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