Paperback, 32 pp.
Colour illustrations
£ 7.99

Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit

A Fairytale Mystery Starring the Gingerbread Boy

The Little Old Lady and the Little Old Man are bereft- they’ve baked a lovely Gingerbread Boy, but he’s run away to train for the Fairytale Olympics and nobody can catch him! But where is he? Is he fast enough to outrun the other animals and the dangerous Foxy Loxy? Even worse, dark rain clouds are forming and the Gingerbread Boy could turn into mush if he’s not found in time!

Quick go on, don’t delay. Call Sky Private Eye! She’s the one. With her bag of detective gadgets and Just-in-time Cupcake recipes, Sky will sniff out the clues and solve the mystery in no time at all!

Teachers make sure to download our Sky Private Eye teacher’s guide.