I Am Nefertiti

When Nefertiti plays the drums, the band comes together as one. “I am Nefertiti” she says, and she feels ten feet tall. But when the new music teacher shortens her name to ‘Nef’, bit by bit, she starts to shrink. Without Nefertiti to keep the beat, the band is in disarray . . . “I am Nefertiti!” she whispers to herself. Drawing on her inner strength and with the support of the other children, they help Miss Potts recognise the importance of honouring Nefertiti’s name. Now, when Nefertiti keeps the beat, the music sounds so sweet!

Publication date June 2022.

Available for Pre-order.
Will ship upon publication.

ISBN: 9781912923311
Age 3+
Paperback, 32 pp.
250mm x 260mm


Annemarie Anang

Annemarie Anang


Annemarie began writing for children after struggling to find books for her daughter that featured main characters who reflected the diversity of children in our world. A former primary school teacher, Annemarie’s love for storytelling led her to study acting. This autumn she will play the roles of King Duncan, Lady Macduff and the Doctor in a multirole performance of Macbeth at the Chiswick Playhouse Theatre in London.  Annemarie was awarded the 2021 SCBWI/BIPOC writer’s scholarship.  A Londoner, born to Ghanaian parents, Annemarie now lives in the Swedish forest with her young daughter, husband and two adopted cats.

Natelle Quek

Natelle Quek


Natelle is a Malaysian-born illustrator who grew up in New Zealand, and now calls London her home. Natelle’s work is influenced by pop culture, folk art, nature and her personal heritage. In 2020, she was awarded the SCBWI IPOC Women’s Scholarship. In her free time Natelle loves to explore museums and nature trails with her husband, hunt down delicious pastries, and cuddle her pets.

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