ISBN: 9780993553738
Paperback, 128 pp.
B&W illustrations
£ 6.99

Al’s Awesome Science: Eggsperiments!

Al is experimenting to find the best shape for his time machine capsule. So when Al, Lottie and their very naughty dog Einstein experiment with all the eggs in the fridge (meant for dinner), they end up in a very sticky situation with the neighbours. Can they finish the experiment before Mum finds out?

Perfect for young readers aged 6-9, Al’s Awesome Science: Eggsperiment! is the first book in the series that follows energetic twins, Al and Lottie, who are ALWAYS one step away from trouble… Join this dynamic duo as they egg-speriment their way through their mum’s egg supply, figure out how to unscramble the mess they get into, and if they crack the time machine plan!

SCIENCE HOOK: Experiments with eggs show that egg-shaped objects are the strongest shape in nature – they can withstand great force (within reason!).

Al's Awesome Science
Al's Awesome Science Egg-speriments!
Al's Awesome Science
Einstein illustration from Al's AwesomeScience ©Five Quills
Illustrating Al's Awesome Science Illustator James Brown