ISBN: 9780993553752
Paperback, 128 pp.
B&W illustrations
£ 6.99

Al’s Awesome Science: Blast-off!

A 2019 Summer Reading Challenge Book

It’s the twins’ birthday and Al is researching new ways to blast off his time-machine capsule into Space. Trouble is, his experiments with balloons, marshmallow catapults and bottle rockets are just a little bit MESSY! Soon, the birthday party has taken on a rather explosive twist . . . and trouble is brewing with Al’s nosy neighbours.

Packed with humour, BLAST-OFF! features lively and black and white illustrations throughout, perfect for children who are becoming confident readers and want to progress to chapter books. With step-by-step science experiments to try at home, this series is a fun, accessible introduction to concepts such as thrust and potential energy, with ideas to explore how rockets and catapults work.

SCIENCE HOOK: Experiments with thrust and potential energy show how rockets and catapults work.