10 Facts About Jane Clarke

Find out more about children’s book author and Five Quills writer Jane Clarke with these ten quick facts.

Facts about Jane: She lives in Market Harborough, Leicestershire

1. Lives in

Market Harborough, Leicestershire

2. Writes

Picture books, chapter books, poetry and reading scheme books

3. Books published


4. Favourite book

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

5. Favourite fairy tale character

The Ugly Duckling

6. Favourite type of cupcakeFacts about Jane, favourite book: The Wind in the Willows © E.H. Shepard

Carrot cake with lots of swirly frosting

7. Favourite movie

The Good Dinosaur

8. Favourite thing to do

Picking up fossil sharks teeth on a palm-tree lined beach in Florida

9. Favourite stationery itemFacts about Jane, favourite film: The good dinosaur © Disney Pixar

HB school pencils, especially the yellow and black ones!

10. Jane’s creative mantra

Writing isn’t brain surgery, no-one gets hurt if you get it wrong.


Facts about Jane: she loves to collect fossils, particularly fossil sharks teethJane at desk with Sky and giant shark tooth gift under the lamp











Edited by Janey Robinson