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That is why our high-quality picture books and fiction titles for children aged 3-9 years have well-crafted, action-packed stories at their centre, integrated with bright, imaginative pictures.

Fun, dynamic characters created by top authors and illustrators empower children to build their reading confidence, learn about the world and enjoy exciting new adventures between the covers of every book we publish.

A New Case for Sky Private Eye!

Follow the clues to solve the mystery of the Sparkly Slipper…

“An enjoyable twist on the Cinderella Story”  (Toppsta parent reviews)

“My 3 year old daughter and I very much enjoyed reading this together”  (Toppsta parent reviews)

Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Sparkly Slipper

by Jane Clarke & illustrated by Loretta Schauer

A Fairytale Mystery Starring Cinderella

The winner of the Prince’s Best Costume Competition has vanished! All she’s left behind is a very sparkly slipper. Can Sky Private Eye track down the mystery owner of the sparkly slipper if all the clues have magically disappeared?

 More of Al’s Fun & Messy Science-Based Adventures Heading Your Way This June!

An Exciting Young Fiction Series

by Jane Clarke & Illustrated by James Brown

Nominated for the Summer Reading Challenge 2018

“This story is packed with scientific facts.”  The School Librarian

“Be prepared to laugh out loud.” The Lancashire Post

“This is an excellent way of bringing science into the home.” North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award

Al loves experimenting and this time he is intent on inventing a time machine to take his family back to meet their Great Grandpa Boffin. A time machine would also be really useful to get him out of trouble! A young scientist who never gives up, Al is surprised to find that his experiments often have the most unexpected (and MESSY) consequences.

Al’s Awesome Science is perfect for children who are becoming confident readers and want to progress to  chapter books. A fun and hilarious page turning plot, accompanied by lots of black and white pictures to pore over and enjoy. Each title includes, fun and at times messy, step-by-step science experiments, integrated in comic book form to accompany the text.


Al’s Awesome Science Series

By Jane Clarke and Illustrated by James Brown

Book 2: Splash Down!

Al is experimenting to find out what kind of covering his time-machine capsule will need to survive its SPLASH DOWN! back to earth. Unfortunately, water experiments have a habit of making things very wet…especially when they involve an overheated dog, the neighbour’s knickers and Mum’s bucket!

Can they finish the experiment before Mum finds out?

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Al’s Awesome Science Series

By Jane Clarke and Illustrated by James Brown

Book 1: Egg-speriments!

Al is experimenting to find the best shape for his time machine capsule. So when Al, Lottie and their very naughty dog Einstein experiment with all the eggs in the fridge (meant for dinner), they end up in a very sticky situation with the neighbours.

Can they finish the experiment before Mum finds out?

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A Fun-Filled Picture Book Detective Series!

Sky Private Eye: Fairy Tales with a Detective Twist

Five Quills is thrilled to introduce our action-packed, detective picture book series, featuring a new and exciting character: Sky Private Eye!

When there’s a fairy tale emergency, Sky Private Eye can solve the trickiest mystery. With her cool detective gadgets and Bake it Better recipe book, Sky can outwit the baddies in no time at all. Our first two title in this wonderful new series are Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Missing Grandma and Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit.

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